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Let's grow something. You can do this.

Plants have the ability to change a space, they share it with us while adding life and oxygen. We in turn are provided with the small task of nurturing nature, bringing it indoors and helping it thrive. I like the idea of people having a plant, or plants that they enjoy caring for, this relationship is pretty great. Pick a plant that seems to want to be in your space, check it out. Get informed about how to care for your new plant friend, and grow together. 

Purpose, Form

Plant Mode is all about keeping things as green as possible. Reuse, up-cycle, repurpose, remix... call it what you like, Plant Mode will always offer plants planted up in commonly tossed away items. Bring in a vessel of your choice, and we will plant it up. 


Why Plant Mode?

I use to work at a pretty awesome modern home and garden retail spot in the Ukrainian Village in Chicago, just over seven years of so many good times. My time there taught the ins and outs of succulent, cacti, and tropical plant care and design. My first few years there were spent being an outdoor garden grunt, so I can definitely offer advice and design services for your outdoor needs.

I'd like to offer thanks to the super awesome folks that helped Plant Mode with seed money via, as well as my awesome family and friends. 

Thanks for checking out Plant Mode

J. Matthis Helmick





My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them.
— Mitch Hedberg