Enter The ZZ


There are a lot of plants out there that are tough. But not many stack up to the ZZ. This little guy is about to be picked up by my friend. He asked me to pick out a planter for him. He said something black or something red. Since he is a Cardinals fan... I went with the black planter. I nabbed it at Prairie Gardens. If I ever source something there, I'm never adding any cost.  AnyWho! Back to the ZZ. This plant doesn't really want much to do with bright light. If it's bright, the plant will grow faster, but It would be harmed by any kind of full sun situation. Let's just call this a low to medium light plant.  The roots are like little potatoes, and the branching and leaves are very thick and waxy. This all adds up to "do not over water me dammit!" A plant this size will take about 10-12 oz of water every three or so weeks. Always check the soil before watering to make sure the soil is actually dry. Never water a ZZ when the soil is damp. The little potato roots will rot.

 This plants real name is Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, so yeah... ZZ. It's native to South and East Africa. Yep. A larger specimen is also nice, but what's wrong with raising a little guy?