Cafe Kopi just got the Plant Mode treatment.

Kopi is my go to spot for my favorite two coffee needs. A great selection of light roasted "coffee of the day", (I Love the lighter roasted blends, stronger buzz yo!) and the always needed in the summer, Iced Coffee. When I moved back from Olympia Washington (RIP Dancing Goat Cafe), I was in need of a go to coffee spot. When in Urbana I'm a Flying Machine guy, but downtown Champaign, it's a Kopi thing.  

I like plants, they have plants. After a conversation with Megan, then with Paul, it was decided that Plant Mode would repot all of the plants in Kopi, as they were in dire need of some love. They had grown quite nicely in those eastern window, but were very root bound, and in need of proper drainage in the bottoms of each pot.  Two hours later, every single plant was pulled out, and giving a larger pot (and or the proper soil and drainage) The three hanging spider plants (not shown... because they will not look pretty for a couple weeks) were split up, and repotted as well... 

Here are some "through the window" shots of some of the plants at Kopi that should be quite happy now. When planters are given larger pots, we find ourselves with a few empty little planters, those now have new Plant Mode plants in them, 4 new plants added to the Kopi family!

Thanks Kopi.