Plant Mode will be at The Made Fest

Last year Plant Mode was invited to take part in the very first Made Fest. Didn't really know what to expect. I know there would be lots of Pygmalion Festival goers out and about, but really wasn't sure if I would be busy or not. Guess what, I was. Crazy town. I had such a blast meeting not only concert folks, but also the people that had heard about Plant Mode and just wanted to find me to check things out. I really enjoyed all of the other vendors that I met from Central Illinois and beyond. There was just a really good energy about town. Pygmalion is an awesome thing, and well.... The Made Fest is is also pretty damn awesome. It was a very fun Saturday. 

Just one of the tables from the set up last year.

Just one of the tables from the set up last year.

This year... The Made Fest is a two day event, and Plant Mode is back. Along with more vendors and more music from Pygmalion. 2000 people are expected to check out the festival this year, holy moly. I"m working hard to get things stocked up and ready for two crazy days of Plant Mode goodness. It's going to be a long hard weekend, but it's also going to be so much fun. I have taken it to the limit with stock, crazy amounts of Marimo, Air Plants, Succulents, Cacti, Tropicals, Kokedama String Gardens and lots more. I"m particularly excited to reuse all of the "one use" plastic coffee cups that I have acquired over the summer. I bought some rubber coating paint the other day, and have put some interesting red onto the cups. I will plant them up with succulents and cacti. Should look fun, and well.. it's recycling/repurposing. Good Times. 

Please come out this weekend and support not only Plant Mode, but all of the other independent small business folks that are rocking The Made Fest. There is no cover to shop and look around, and the hours are perfect. 12-6pm Saturday and Sunday. The Made Fest will be located in the parking lot between the Highdive and Jupiters.

Come say hello.

You should check out the Made Fest's website to see the list of vendors, and learn more about what's going on. Good stuff.

Alexia and Justine really put on a great event.