Moss Bottle Garden

I was talking to Keith at the Esquire last week, we were talking about selectively harvesting moss from around, and growing it indoors. You can google the ends and outs, really... this post is more about giving my props to Keith. He sparked this particular bottle garden to get made tonight. I was in Berwyn this afternoon, saying good bye to some great friends that are moving out west. The moss in this bottle garden was taken from a bird bath shaped moss garden they were leaving behind. I just had to scrape out a few specimens. 

side lookin

side lookin

The bottle I used for this plant up was a peppercorn container. Finished it off a couple months ago, pulled the label off and boom, a cute little bottle waiting for a project.

Went with a basic small terrarium set up.

1) Pea gravel for drainage at the very bottom, could have gone 1/2" thinner than I did for sure.

2) A thin layer of horticultural charcoal for funk reduction and clean glass at the bottom over time

3) A thin layer of potting soil. I then sprinkled some denser clayish soil from the outdoor                   harvested spot on top.

Mist the soil, and gently drop in the moss. I used a spoon and a chop stick as my tools for moving the moss and other materials into place. Use the blunt end of the chop stick to gently press the moss into the soil I added a small cluster of rocks for some interesting contrast. I have a bunch of random lab glass around, so I popped in a glass bottle top of some kind. Any fun figurine, drift wood, special whatever... can work

This bottle happens to have a cork stopper. Cool, we will use it, but with come monitoring to make sure things don't get too swampy.  Done.

little birds eye look at things.

little birds eye look at things.


This bottle is only about 7"h, small but not mini.