Herbs and Plant Request list...

Happy Wonderful Spring Day everyone. 

 I wanted to let everyone know that Plant Mode will be rocking the Herbs this spring. They are no Organically Certified, but from a greenhouse an hour north of Champaign Urbana. They are organic, and pesticide free... just not certified. I will carry a wide range for sure, but your request will shape the first batch of Herbs I receive.  Feel free to email or let me know when you are over at a Pop Up about what you are looking for and i'll be sure and grab it for you. We are talking Lovage, several types of Basil, several Mint varieties, Borage, Lemongrass, Sage, Rosemary, whatever.... This farm is pretty top notch.  If you have a farmer at the Farmers Market that you buy from, well... keep doing that. Just letting you know Plant Mode will have Herbs, outdoor container plants, and  larger tropical and hanging baskets.

Very soon... Like just after Mothers Day. 

three words... Passion Flower Vines! 

This plant request list also applies to Tropical Plants.... So, there is that.

Enjoy the day.