Urban Outfitters and Plant Mode... friendship!

Nathan Wasterman is not only a swell creative artist fella, he is also the genesis of a great idea.

Campus got style...

Campus got style...

A couple of weeks ago we had a beer at the Esquire. Over that beer he proposed Plant Mode and Urban Outfitters doing a little collaboration together, over U of I Moms Day Weekend no less. A week or so later I met with him and the super nice store manage/store merchandiser Alexis, we talked about how Urban Outfitters would like to work with someone with strong ties to the community, and how it would just feel good to have plants in the space.


The result of our meeting will is that there will be  a Plant Mode Pop Up at Urban Outfitters on Saturday April 5th. This is one of their busiest days of the year. It should be a blast. They are going to set me up with my own table/display area.  This is kind of a big deal for Plant Mode, and I will be putting fourth tons of energy and effort for it in the next few weeks. More trips to my wholesalers and such. The regular Pop Up Hours at the Loft Space will be a bit random until after the event, but you can always contact me for appointment viewing/shopping. Ideally things will go so well, that I will be able to add a lot more product to Plant Modes stock.

Nathan will be creating hand made smaller concrete cylinder planters that Plant Mode will plant plants into, these will be for sale as well as a ton of other Plant Mode goodies. 

Hip Hop Hooray!