So you are a known Plant Killer eh?

First of all, I doubt that very much. You most likely were not given the correct information to keep the plants happy. When plants are not happy, they can let that stress take them down. Pests and disease are a common killer, and obviously the lack of water, or over abundance of water will also keep things in the wrong. The proper light is also super important.  A lot of plants have a little leeway with their light requirements.  A "full sun" plant can get by on just bright light, it may not grow as fast, or flower, but it will surely hang on.  Just get the right info. I of course want you to get a plant from Plant Mode, but if you are Lowe's and you like something you see, get it. Ask.. though someone may not be around to help. If you have gotten no help from the big box associate, just google that latin. The web is pretty good for that kind of information. You can always snap a photo if you are not sure what the plant is, and send me an email.

This photo was ripped from the web, it inspired this post.  My friend Coulter just contacted me about a plant for his space with zero light. I suggested a small ZZ plant. He will take it to a coworkers office on weekends so it can soak up some medium light. This will be enough to keep a ZZ going. Here are a gang of ZZ's ready to take over the world.