Well.. Common Ground

This seems like just as good as any other spot to announce that Common Ground and Plant Mode might (as in things are still in the works) be working together.  I hope to put pretty green things into Common Ground, and well, they will help me sell plants.  Win Win Win.  

A very large Jade plant in going to arrive today, it will end up in my friend Erin Nieto's home.  The plant is so happy it's flowering.  huzzah!

As Plant Mode takes this next step into the world of having a nice website, I need to thank some folks.

Everyone that contributed to my indiegogo campaign

Folks that have loaned me vehicles to pick up plants from Chicago: Lisa Meid, Amanda Quesenberry, and Amy Sullivan.  And! my Mother Patricia Lynn Helmick who as taken me to Home Depot for numerous supply runs.

Let's grow this.